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Himalayan Bio is a Chitwan based company which is devoted in field of agriculture, cultivating the castor seed in various tropical and subtropical regions of country thus extracting the oil from those output to consume its demands on the market.


Towards the mid of 2018 the partners of Juneli group a business group of Chitwan came up with idea to diversify its area of business in sector of agriculture as seeing the growing demand of castor oil products in the market & the further research and discussion leads to positive results for establishing a plant here at Chitwan alongside the cultivation and farming of castor plants hence generating opportunities for everyone.

About Farmer

Castor crop can be grown from sea level to altitudes of about 2000meter.Castor crop require a hot, dry climate with annual rainfall of 500-600mm is needed during the first 3months with annual growth. Castor is an ideal crop of the Dry Zone which required less attention but proper knowledge of the duration of cultivation and of the distancing measures like 90-120cm between rows and 40cm between plants in row. The crop is sensitive to high humidity and high temperature may affect its yield. Castor is generally cultivated on land which is not suitable for commercial farming. As land preparation is important task in castor cultivation farmer should be extra careful and should give 3or 4 deep ploughings to loosen up the soil as this crop required well pulverized 40cm deep sub-soil for good germination.

A seed rate of 10-12kg is enough to cultivate 1hectare of land again seed rate depend upon the cultivator and sowing method .The farmer have other important role of saving the plants from pests like semi looper and capsule-borer using effective pesticide at early stages. The maturity of crops depend on variety mostly about 140-175days the easy indication of castor maturity is when 1or2 capsules in buch shows sign of drying and the whole Custer should be removed and stacked .